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Intermediate Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Student Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Parents who drop off or pick up children for school should plan to arrive in time to drop off or collect students at your building’s designated time. We ask all drivers to please pull up as far as possible in the waiting lines to allow for the children to be dropped-off and picked-up in the most efficient way possible. A tall white sign marked with the New Albany logo is at the furthest point of our loops to designate the initial drop off/pick up point.

To ensure the safety of all students, please observe the following:

  • Remain in your vehicle.

  • Children must leave/enter your vehicle on the curb side only.

  • Patiently wait in line – our goal is to always have our children arrive and leave school in the safest way possible.

  • If your child is already with you, please remain in line to wait your turn to leave the pick-up/drop-off circle.

  • If you need to meet your child personally at the building, please park your car in the appropriate lot. For the Intermediate School, that is the lot behind the Primary gymnasium.

    PLEASE NOTE: Traffic in all loops must continue to flow. Cars may stop just long enough to safely load or unload children. To prevent accidents, only one lane or line of cars is permitted. Please exercise patience and courtesy to keep our students safe.

MCCOY CENTER LOOP - Grade 4-6 Students

Entrance to the south loop is accessed from Dublin-Granville Road for families living south of the district. Identify the loop that is closest to your residence. Parents may not park in the loop. The pick-up and drop-off process must be continuous. All children should embark or disembark curbside only for safety. The Primary/McCoy Loop is one way. You must exit the loop onto Dublin-Granville Road by turning right at the McCoy entrance.  It is not permitted to go against traffic and exit left out of the entrance to the McCoy.   


This driveway is located north of the Primary School gymnasium and is accessed from N. High St. (Route 605). Identify the loop that is closest to your residence. The pick-up and drop-off process must be continuous. All children should embark or disembark curbside only for safety. Parents who need to enter the building must locate a parking space in the visitor lot. Parent volunteers may find available parking in this vicinity.

Map of Drop Off Locations for Intermediate School

Visitor & Volunteer Parking

There are two access points to the Intermediate & Primary school buildings. Please observe the traffic directional signs and exercise caution and courtesy.

Intermediate Main Entrance Drive (In front of the Intermediate School)

Accessed from Route 605 by turning on Kardules Fields Way, the main driveway permits entry to New Albany Intermediate School.  

*PLEASE NOTE: BUS LOOP INFO: During the school day, parking is NOT permitted along the curbs in front of the main entrance. Parking is permitted in the allocated spaces near the flag pole and in the bus spaces at the Intermediate School between 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Parking is permitted in official parking spaces only. Additional parking can be found behind the Primary School gymnasium. You will need to enter the main entrance doors. Please do not park in areas designated for school staff – these spaces are numbered or marked as “RESERVED.”

Intermediate Side Entrance Drive
Accessed from Route 605 by turning on Chatham Green Dr., permits entry to New Albany Intermediate School.